LING 2123 Phonetics & Phonology
ENGL 1123 Listening and Speaking
ENGL 1122 Grammar in Use
ENGL 1121 Reading & Writing
ENGL2122 Essay Writing

ENGL2122 course introduces essay writing. Students will develop their writing skills through the writing process to create focused and well-organized essays. The course focuses on writing for different purposes, sentence variety and mechanics in the context of essays. Students build confidence in using correct sentence structure, grammar, editing skills.

ENGH1200-S1-2019-2020 English Language Skills(1,2)

The course provides students with the basic English needed for study and to communicate in daily life. It seeks to enhance vocabulary building and information search skills by aiming to increase English language proficiency in reading and writing.

This course aims to:

1. Increase students’ awareness of various aspects of reading, writing and English grammar.

2. Enable students to grasp vocabulary building principles through practice and repetition.

3. Apply the reading and writing strategies of skimming, scanning and acquiring meaning from context.

4. Practice writing skills at the sentence and paragraph levels.