ENGL1113-S1 Introduction to Translation A-S1-2019-20

The course introduces students to translation, particularly developing their awareness of the structural and semantic differences across the English and Arabic language systems as well as of strategies and techniques used to translate. Students will work with a range of short source texts, covering word, phrase, sentence and text levels. Through a selection of various texts with various types and genres, students will explore core translation concepts, such as equivalence, translatability, gain and loss in translation, over-translation, under-translation, and mistranslation. The course will also introduce students to translation techniques, such as borrowing, claque, literal translation, communicative translation, semantic translation, transposition, modulation, reformulation, adaptation, compensation.

ENGL1112-S1 Using Media in English-S1-2019-20

The course covers the role and function of different media as communication tools in society. It enables students to compare between different media like newspapers, TV and the Internet and explore similarities and differences in their treatment of topics and news stories. It integrates the four macro-skills, focusing more on reading and writing. It thus provides students with opportunities for realistic and meaningful practice to improve their English language proficiency.

UNIH1000-S1 English for Business Communication-S1-2019-20

This course is designed to provide students with those skills required to communicate effectively and efficiently at their future workplace and increase their career prospects. Being directed towards the work environment, the course intends not just to familiarize students with the functional language they will need to employ in their future jobs, but also to build up their confidence in communicating in English and increase their fluency. In addition, the course is designed to enlarge the students’ general knowledge of the business world through the study of business-related texts and case studies. Particular focus is placed on business-related vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

ENGL1111-S1 English for Academic Purposes-S1-2019-20

The course provides students with opportunities for practice and consolidation of strategies used in reading and writing for academic purposes in a variety of academic and social contexts. It tries to enhance vocabulary building and information search skills with an eye on language accuracy integrated in the reading and writing learning skills.