WRIT2114-S1-2019 Academic Writing and Research I

This course aims to equip students with the strategies and skills required in academic writing, reading, and research. It provides grounding in formal English grammar that will enhance students’ understanding of writing at the word, sentence and paragraph level. Topics covered include how readers read; how researchers research; how writers use rhetorical proofs to structure and substantiate persuasive arguments; and how scholars revise and edit documents to produce coherent and accessible prose.

LING2113-S1-2019 Linguistics A: Phonetics & Phonology

This course is an introduction to articulatory phonetics and its description of consonants, besides a limited number of fundamental phonological phenomena. In the first part of the course, an inventory of consonants and vowels are introduced. The course also gives a basic grounding in phonetic transcription using symbols from IPA. It also helps the students to be familiar with the way function and main words are pronounced in sentences. The second part of the course will focus on the fundamentals of phonology. Students will be exposed to the concepts of syllable, stress, assimilation, intonation and rhythm.

ENGL2112-S1-2019 Contemporary Events in English

The course aims to expose students to major 20th Century historical events, trying to reconstruct and interpret the past through the investigation of a variety of historical sources. It tries to give the students a better understanding of themselves and others in relation to the world, both past and present. It aims at equipping students with critical and analytical skills through engagement in the selection, interpretation and critical evaluation of historical data. As a result, students can learn to appreciate the relative nature of historical knowledge and understanding, as each generation reflects upon its own world and approaches its history. The course thus expands the students’ outlook on life and their knowledge of major global events in the 20th Century and their impact on the present day.

ENGL2111-S1-2019 English for Technology and the Environment

This course introduces specialized reading and speaking skills used to deal with texts from the fields of technology and the environment. The course also aims to develop students' related vocabulary and skills for dealing with technical texts (e.g. dictionary skills, inferencing). Assessment will be conducted through individual and group work.