TESOL5114-ٍ1-2019 Theoretical and Practical Issues in EAP and ESP

This course provides students with a critical exploration of major theoretical and practical issues related to the teaching of English both for academic and specific purposes. It addresses the main principles involved in the design, development, evaluation and review of EAP and ESP courses and programs. It guides students towards the development of active research and uses it to inform EAP and ESP teaching practice within the overall objective of raising more awareness of the role of EAP and ESP in the ESL and EFL contexts and community.

TESOL5115-S1-2019 Research Methodology

This course provides students with an introduction to the different kinds of research methods that are employed to research language in English Language Studies. Specifically, it gives an overview of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods, focusing on their nature, characteristics and practical issues that arise from their implementation. Equally, it develops in students the ability to select the appropriate research approach and methods that help optimize their research output and conclusions.