BUAC2303-2019S2 Intermediate Accounting

This course is the continuation of accounting courses in Level 1 of the program. It expands the scope of accounting topics to the students aiming major in accounting. The course focuses on income statement, inventory valuation, depreciation, intangibles, current and non-current liabilities, and financial reporting


This course is an introductory course in entrepreneurship and innovation. The course aims to expose undergraduate students of various academic backgrounds to business venturing and entrepreneurial activity.

Students will apply themselves through developing their own business ideas and assessing them using knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

BULA2505-2019S2 Employment Law

Nature of employment, Duties of employees and employers, safe and secure work environment, types of employee dismissal: fair, unfair and constructive. The role of Governmental Labor Offices and the Labor Association.

UNIR2002-2019S2 ريادة الأعمال

يهدف مقررريادة الأعمال : رؤيه الفرص والسعي الي ايجادها والعمل لتحقيقها وابداع وابتكار الي تعريف الطلبة – من التخصصات الاكاديميه المختلفة – بالمشاريع والانشطة التجارية، كذلك سيقوم الطلبة بتطبيق مفاهيم ريادة الاعمال من خلال تطوير أفكارهم التجارية الخاصة وتقييمها باستخدام المعرفة والمهارات المكتسبة خلال دراستهم لهذا المقرربهدف تحديد أكثر الاقترحات جاذبية وقابله للتنفيذ

BUFN2701-2019S2 Financial Management

Background to corporate financial decision-making and behavior of capital markets. Financial mathematics with emphasis on discounting techniques, capital budgeting, investment appraisal. Short-term asset management, costs of funds.

BUMG2105-2019S2 Organizational Behaviour

The overall aim of the course is to familiarize students with key concepts and notions related to organizational behavior including individual behaviour, values and personality,  perception and  learning in organizations, emotions and attitudes,  foundations of group behaviour, power and politics as well as organizational culture and change.