BULA3802-2019S2 Commercial Law

Study of commercial activities and merchants, registration of firms, and commercial obligations. Commercial contracts, agencies, brokerage and banking activities. In addition to arbitration and bankruptcy.

BULA3801-2019S2 Contract Law

This course will cover in detail the nature of contracts in and their essential elements. The legality of contracts and the legal capacity of the parties involved. Conditions of contracts:  implied and expressed terms, exclusion clauses, and trans-national terms. Discharge of contracts and remedies.

BUMG3107-2019S2 Operations Management

Introduction to Operations management. The strategic role and objectives of operations. Operations strategy. Process design, Product design and operations, Process selection, Capacity management, Inventory management, Resources planning and control, Just-in-Time (JIT) system, Facilities layout and location, Computer role in operations management.

BUAC3305-2019S2 Cost Accounting

This course teaches topics relating to management accounting that is relevant for decision-making.  The different types of costing such as job costing, process costing, standard costing and calculation of variances, cost estimation, activity based costing and customer costing versus product costing shall be covered.

BUAC3304-2019S2 Corporate Accounting

This course provides students with knowledge and understanding regarding mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; accounting for corporate group structures including basic consolidation and equity accounting; international operations and transfer pricing;  valuation of companies; accounting for Goodwill, non-controlling interest and other intangible assets such as trademarks and brands.

BUMG3108-2019S2 Business Statistics II

This course is a continuation of Business Statistics-I. It is designed to provide students with fundamental understanding of statistical models and their application in business, economic and managerial decision making. It also intends to expose students to the use of statistical computer software to familiarize them with the computational aspects of the models. Topics covered in this course include: Business & economic modelling techniques (regression, time series) & business forecasting with additional topics that include survey design and sampling, analysis of variance (ANOVA), modern business decision theory, and non-parametric tests.

(As per Students Handbook).

BUMG3102-2019S2 Purchasing and Inventory Management

This course addresses the principles and procedures of purchasing and inventory management. Topics include importance of Purchasing and Inventory Management, Purchasing by different attributes (quality, quantity, price and time), value analysis, purchasing and inventory planning, quantitative and qualitative methods of purchasing and inventory such as EOQ, MRP I and MRP II, JIT, and computer application in purchasing and inventory management.

BUFN3704-2019S2 Financial Reporting and Analysis

This course provides students with the theoretical and technical knowledge required to conduct financial reporting and analysis. Topics covered in the course include the development of financial reporting, the reporting and analysis of financial statements (statement of cash flows, income statement, and balance sheet) and the limitations to relying on financial statements. The course also provides students with the techniques used to  assess the quality of earnings and to predict the  firm’s financial failure.