CED-001 Course Design

This section includes resources on different topics related to course design. Among these topics are: writing good objectives as well as measurable learning outcomes and designing a variety of teaching activities that could help in achieving the course learning outcomes.

CED-002 Communication

This section includes resources on topics related to using different means of communication with students like MS Teams and how to engage them throughout the course and the sessions.

CED-003 SULMS Activities

This course includes resources on different SULMS activities that could be used to enhance the students learning experience.

CED-004 Assessments

This section includes resources on designing good assessments and using a variety of assessments that are mapped to course learning outcomes.

CED-005 Advancing Teaching Excellence in Higher Education

This modular training aims to provide comprehensive and practical learning experiences for all academic staff, irrespective of their career stage. It is designed and facilitated by three accomplished academics who have attained fellowship status. The program offers a structured and engaging approach to professional development, concentrating on fundamental aspects of course design, pedagogy, and assessment. It serves as an excellent platform for academics within the university to exchange experiences.

CED-006 Arabic Training