BULA2505-2020S2 Employment Law

This course will introduce students to the nature of employment, duties of employees and employers, types of employee dismissal and role of Governmental Labor

BUMG2107-2020S2 Human Resource Management

The course aims to introduce students to knowledge of HRM theories and practices that have an effect on the organization’s success and performance. 

BUFN2701-2020S2 Financial Management

The main aim of this course is to develop a foundation of financial management concepts. Financial mathematics with emphasis on discounting techniques, capital budgeting, investment appraisal. Short-term asset management, costs of funds.

BUIS2502-2020S2 Management Information Systems

The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the role of Management Information Systems (MIS) in an organizational setting.


This course is an introductory course in entrepreneurship and innovation. The course aims to expose undergraduate students of various academic backgrounds to business venturing and entrepreneurial activity. Students will apply themselves through developing their own business ideas and assessing them using knowledge and skills acquired during the course.