BUFN3704-2020S2 Financial Reporting and Analysis

The course aims to expand students’ knowledge in financial reporting and analysis; how they can develop and report company’s financial statements; and simultaneously evaluate other company’s financial statements for prudent investment and financing decision making.

BULA3801-2020S2 Contract Law

This course provides students with broad knowledge and practices related to business contracts from a legal aspect.

BUMG3103-2020S2 Quality Management

The main aim of the course is to provide students with the conceptual framework of quality management, key aspects of quality management and its tools and practices, and introduce an appreciation of the interdependencies among functions and organizations and how they affect the management of quality.

BULA3802-2020S2 Commercial Law

This course aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of commercial activities of merchants such as registration of firms, commercial obligations, commercial contracts, agencies, brokerage, and banking along with arbitration and bankruptcy.

BUAC3305-2020S2 Cost Accounting

Relevant costs for decision-making.  Different types of costing - job costing and process costing.  Standard costing and calculation of variances.  Cost estimation, activity based costing, customer costing versus product costing.

BUMG3108-2020S2 Business Statistics II

This course is a continuation of Business Statistics-I. It is designed to provide students with fundamental understanding of statistical models and their application in business, economic and managerial decision making. Topics covered in this course include: Business & economic modelling techniques (regression, time series) & business forecasting with additional topics that include survey design and sampling, analysis of variance (ANOVA), modern business decision theory, and non-parametric tests. (As per Students Handbook).

BUMG3102-2020S2 Purchasing and Inventory Management

This course addresses the principles and procedures of purchasing and inventory management. Topics include importance of Purchasing and Inventory Management, Purchasing by different attributes (quality, quantity, price and time), value analysis, purchasing and inventory planning, quantitative and qualitative methods of purchasing and inventory such as EOQ, MRP I and MRP II, JIT, and computer application in purchasing and inventory management.