BUBS4402-2020S2 International Business

The overall aim of this course is to focus on developing students’ knowledge of international business so that they understand how business function in international context. In particular, the course will focus on various aspects of international business such as trends in the international marketplace, international business environment issues, theories of international trade, internationalization factors, internationalization process, market entry modes, cultural aspects of international management, globalization, international investment mobilization and international financial institutions.

BUFN4701-2020S2 Investment & Portfolio Management

The aim of this course is to analyze different investment opportunities available at the individual and portfolio level and equip students with the tools, strategies necessary to construct, manage and evaluate investment portfolios.

BULA4802-2020S2 International Trade & Business Law
The aim of the course is to build student's knowledge with the key concepts related to international trade and business law.
BUMG4103A-2020S2 Research Project A

The aim of this course is to acquaint students with the fundamentals of research methods to develop a viable research proposal.

The objectives of the course are to:

 ·  Equip students with the relevant skills required to evaluate academic literature critically.

·  Advance the capacity of the students to identify a relevant business-related research opportunity.

·  Build the necessary skills to formulate a problem statement, research objectives and research questions.

·   Expose students to a range of data collection and data analysis methods

·  Make students aware of ethical issues associated with business research.

·  Develop students with the skills necessary to develop a viable business research proposal.

BUMG4103B-2020S2 Research Project B

The aim of this course to give the students an opportunity to complete a research project under supervision, to synthesize the results in a report and present the results of the research project.

BUIS4501-2020S2 Electronic Business

The aim of this course is to gain an understanding of various Digital Business topics and study how Digital Business is applied in the business world. The course will help to explain how to design and implement a Digital Business, the course also includes a strong foundation of practical Digital Business skills from the real-life business model. The course will refine the student’s communication skills and group work skills. – this is a little confusing and could be simplified